Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne treatment, Natural Organic Solutions with Real Proven Efficiency
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Your Unique Ingredient!
Discover the secret properties of Carapa procera oil for your skin...
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Eliminate Psoriasis Rash and Eczema

Get rid of traces and plaques within 1 month
A 94% success rate - Proven efficiency
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Commit to Nature's Gift
100% Plant-based Psoriasis treatment
94% proven efficiency
Body and scalp
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Clear Spots, Blackheads
and Imperfections
A 79% success rate, within 1 month!
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Psoriasis Rash

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Acne skin
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Sylvie Meliet, the founder: "I am the 1st client..."
I am Sylvie Méliet, the founder of Natural Skin Remedy / Laboratoires Mascareignes.  I have been suffering from psoriasis for over 20 years.

Therefore, the story and history of our laboratories is the result of my personal experience. Throughout my teenage years and into my adulthood, my psoriasis was a never-ending issue. As I got older, I believed that I had tried everything that was available in a bid to eliminate my psoriasis, yet there appeared to be no solution.

However, one day, in 2004, I made a lucky and pivotal discovery...

Whilst visiting Africa, a woman came to me and having looked at my hands, she told me about a small village's century-old ancestral recipe that had been effective in the treatment of many skin ailments. Sceptically, I tried the woman's 'antidote' and followed her instructions. Within one month, my psoriasis had not only vastly improved but had disappeared! Since, I was already a professional within the cosmetics industry, I decided to make it my mission to make this fabulous treatment available to everybody who is in need. From this moment on the Laboratoires Mascareignes were born... Read more