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An Organic Solution for Psoriasis, Eczema for the Skin or Scalp

Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Redness and Scaliness 

In clinical-studies 94% of people using Pso Natura have noticed a remarkable improvement in their psoriasis. Containing active ingredients which are 100% plant-based. Our Pso Natura skincare range is produced from Carapa Procera oil, which is exclusively available to us. In one month on average you will notice visible results, without any side-effects and not tested on animals. Our skincare products are especially formulated for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other atopic skin conditions.

See more details about the c
linical studies on Psoriasis, with 94% proven efficiency.

Best psoriasis product in the press

Discover our 4 dedicated skincare products :                   
- Simple to use
- Fast acting
- Efficient
- Without any secondary effect

Psoriasis treatement moneyback guarantee



Psoriasis, Eczema
Our No 1 Treatment

The Regenerating Foaming Complex

Our key treatment against Psoriasis, Eczema

94% proven efficiency for this 100% natural skincare

The Pso Natura Regenerating Complex  helps relieve psoriasis and eczema within a month on average.
Itching is first soothed which breaks the itch-scratch cycle. Day after day the skin becomes smoother. At  first  turning pink whilst  gradually the scales begin to disappear and the skin regains its natural pigmentation.
The secret of its efficiency: The Carapa Procera oil,  which is exclusive to us and renowned by the ethno-pharmacopia for its skin conditioning properties. This pearl of nature has never been used before in any other cosmetic.

- It stimulates skin healing
-  It  contains vitamin A and triterpenes to revitalise tired or damaged skin
-  It contains high levels of natural antioxidants that soothe irritable reactions immediately
-  It contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids and linoleic Omega 6 reinforce the skin’s defenses. 

Pso Natura Regenerating Complex is fast acting against psoriasis and eczema . It is a 100 % natural treatment for squama, scales, crusts and other psoriatic-eczematous skin traces. Read more about the Complex

£ 52.99

Hydrating Treatment For Psoriasis and Eczema

Skin Rich Restructuring Cream

Skins affected by  psoriasis or eczema require deep moisturising in order to minimise irritations and flare ups


Formulated as an anti-psoriasis or anti-eczema treatment the  Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura is dedicated for dry to very dry skin.

Our Rich Restructuring Cream is especially  identified for its high quality of essential fatty components. Its texture has been especially formulated to be neither sticky nor greasy. The cream penetrates quickly and locks-in moisture. Dry patches and flakiness become smooth and soft to the touch Read more
£ 35.99

Treatment to combat scalp psoriasis and eczema

Dermatological Shampoo

Scalp psoriasis and eczema results in itchiness and plaques on the scalp. Our treatment shampoo helps immediately soothe itchiness.

Day after day, the
scales disappear thanks to this ultra-concentrated formula. After about 2 weeks on average the scalp will be smooth and free from irritation.

The Dermatological Shampoo is soft to the hair and preserves its shininess .Read more

£ 17.99

Treat Psoriasis and Eczema from the inside out

Detox & Zen Capsules

 Our detox and Zen capsules have been formulated to compliment our skin-care treatments for optimal results.

 The capsules provide a combination of 2 actions in 1: 
-  They detoxify the digestive system contributing to a healthier liver, 
-  They help calm anxiety and reduce stress. 

The capsules tackle 2 main psoriasis and eczema triggers (poor digestion and stress), complementing the topical treatment of the Pso Natura range.  
Read more
£ 17.99

My story starts with my own psoriasis

I am Sylvie Méliet, the founder of Natural Skin Remedy / Mascareignes Laboratories.  I've been suffering from Psoriasis for over 20 years.

The history of our laboratories is the result of a personal experience. Throughout my teenage years and then my adulthood, my psoriasis was wide spread. I thought I had tried everything to eliminate this psoriasis but in vain.

However one day, in 2004, I made a crucial discovery by pure luck. While visiting Africa, a woman came to me and having looked at my hands, she told me about a century-old  ancestral recipe of a small village efficient on Psoriasis. Sceptically! I still tried the remedy and surprisingly enough, within a month all my Psoriasis had disappeared. As I was already a professional of cosmetics, I decided to offer this fabulous care to everybody in need. The Mascareignes Laboratories were then born. Read more..

Psoriasis treatment testimonials

Read what our customers say about our organic products. You will probably find stories similar to your own…Psoriasis treatment testimonials 

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Frequently asked questions on the treatment of Psoriasis and Eczema

Can Psoriasis or Eczema be cured? How to use our treatments? If you have got guttate psoriasis, is Pso Natura suitable for you? See all Psoriasis - Eczema questions/answers

Psoriasis treatment hints and tips
Read our advice on daily tips for easing Psoriasis. What should you avoid?  Which gestures/habits can you curb to prevent flare-ups?  Psoriasis tips and hints


Acne, Spots and Skin-imperfections,
Our natural skincare remedy 

Our treatments offer a natural solution to fight against acne for combination or oily skin, for teenagers and adults.
Our plant-based Akno Natura treatment range is formulated with the
Carapa procera oil, has long been identified by ethno-phamacopoeia for its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities.

It effectively helps fight acne problems, spots, pimples, and blackheads  whether it is on the face or on your shoulders or back. The Akno Natura range helps to quickly and durably restore smooth healthy skin.


Treat acne and eliminate skin imperfections

For pimples, blackheads or acne scars, our Akno Natura Range brings concrete solutions to these skin disorders, whilst fully respecting the skins integrity with plant based skin cares with no side effects.

Treatment for acne and imperfections

Skin Regulating Complex

The Akno Natura Regulating Complex is our star skincare product against acne and pimples, the first step of our skincare ritual to fight imperfections. It is suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin. 

Formulated with Carapa Procera oil, it is 100% organic blend of plant extracts.The Regulating Complex helps remove impurities, regulate sebum, balances and regenerates sensitive skin, prone to imperfections. After a few days, your skin will start to become clearer. Within a month on average the acne spots disappear, leaving the skin clear and smooth.

The Regulating Complex is a gentle scrub and a
regenerating sebum controlling formula. It is 100 % natural and efficient  in the treatment of acne.

Whether used to treat an acne attack or prevent acne imperfections or spots, the Regulating Complex is recommended to be used at night in order to allow a better skin regeneration process. 
 See product details


Acne Cleansing Serum

Akno Natura Wake Up Serum

The Akno Natura Wake Up Serum contains a refreshing mixture of active ingredients, to ensure a deep cleansing on a daily basis.The serum is used as a face wash prior to using our skin care treatments for maximum results.

Carapa Procera, Phlorogine and red tea are at the heart of our exclusive formula, for their remedial and re-balancing action on
spots and blemishes in general.

Applied every morning, the serum helps tighten pores and even out  your skin tone.  The skin regains its freshness and a healthy skin tone.  Read more 

£ 17.99

Mattifying Face Cream

Akno Natura Mattifying  Face Cream

The Akno Natura Cream is specially formulated for skin prone to Acne and imperfections. It combines 4 anti-spot actions in 1:

1. Anti-bacterial
    Balances skin micro-flora due to its antibacterial agents reducing the development of bacteria and inflammation.

2. Sebum Regulating
    Helps to regulate the production of sebum and prevents blocked pores.

3. Protecting
    Protects against free radicals caused by UVA and B thanks to its latest generation of  mineral sunscreen 
(SPF 20)  

4. Moisturising
    Provides hydration throughout the day. 

Our exclusive formula, Pure Bio Cera, i
s based on a fusion of the land-sea active elements; it effectively fights acne, spots and skin imperfections, whilst protecting the skin from external aggressions.

The mattifying cream leaves the skin mat  for a fresh complexion and a clear skin, restored and visibly more beautiful. Read more 

Pure Skin Capsules

Akno Natura Pure Skin Capsules

Discover our pure skin detox capsules which help to balance inner skin disorders in the treatment against acne. The capsules provide the daily recommended amount of  Zinc & Vitamins.

Made from  plant extracts  including; burdock, red clover and, wild pansy, the formula of the detox capsules has been scientifically developed to help improve digestion, stimulate the elimination of toxins and help protect skin  to obtain a smooth healthy complexion. Read more

£ 17.99

Acne Testimonials

As important as our own information on acne, you can learn more from our customers’ experiences. You might hence recognise your own case in one of these testimonials. Acne Testimonials

More information about Acne

What is acne? Are there different types of spots/acne? Acne at the age of 14, adult acne, what are the solutions? All about acne and how to treat it. We offer you a comprehensive overview of existing solutions, from simple everyday gestures, to the treatment reserved for the most severe cases.

Any treatment has its own drawbacks, we have therefore pointed out the potential side effects of each treatment, to better inform you.

Seborrhea, hyperkeratosis, bacterial contamination, inflamed pimples, what are the causes and symptoms? Zinc, etinoids, laser, vitamin A or a natural alternative care?

All the answers to your questions…
All Acne information 

Frequently asked questions about Acne

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Helpful hints against acne

ver our hints and tips to fight acne and skin imperfections on a daily basis. What should you eat, or avoid eating when you have spots, which acne treatments correspond to you, how can you best take care of your skin, etc....? Tips and Hints 

Combat Acne spots efficiently

Different definitions of different types of Acne,the causes of Acne. How to treat and look after your skin to get rid of Spots, blackheads, find a solution now. More infomation

Our Laboratories Specialists offer the Akno Natura range to fight acne spots and imperfections which is 100% natural, suitable for all ages and these treatments are most effective on mild to moderate Acne. Our natural ingredients are based on algae which includes the famous Phlorogine, world renown for its effectiveness against acne.

Furthermore we offer our customers a wealth of practical advice and attentive service to better respond to your questions: how to use our products, which results to expect on your imperfections or spots?

We believe in a sincere and honest discourse. As you will see below, severe Acne is usually hormonal. So, we will like to inform our customers that our products cannot resolve hormonal acne completely. However they contribute effectively to the reduction of the visible pimples and blackheads.

The definition of Acne

Acne is a disease which provokes greasy skin with small cysts, red pimples and white heads mostly to teenagers (85%) and on numerous people who continue to suffer from it in their adulthood (especially women).

The causes of Acne  

Often originating from the family, Acne is associated with oily skin, it starts by obstructing the opening of our body hair follicles and the sebaceous gland, in turn producing a micro-blackhead, then a micro-cyst. This proliferate bacteria, releasing substances which causes inflammation and the appearance of pimples and white heads on the skin.

We thus recognise several essential factors in the development of acne spots:

-Excess production of sebum leads to greasy skin. This phenomenon is explained by the influence of male hormones (androgens). Fatty acids contained in the sebum causes spots and appearance of bacteria, this why a good hygiene is absolutely crucial in the treatment of Acne. Hence, being hygienic already allows eliminating a part of the causes of spots.

Inflammation provokes:

-Red pimples (papules)

-White heads (pustules)

-Big painful red pimples (nodules)

-If your parents have been suffering from Acne, you have a 45% chance of suffering this disease as well. On the contrary, if your parents were not hit by Acne, you have only an 8% bad chance of developing the Acne.

-If the Acne is influenced by male hormones, it is an interesting point to be noted that Acne is rarely provoked by the disorder or a disease of the glands. It is most probably relates to a hypersensitivity reaction of the sebaceous gland in the male hormones.

Acne is born anew when it is led by the passage of the maternal hormones in the blood of the newborn child, which is caused by the medicines intakes during motherhood(pills, cortisone and anti-epileptic) or of toxins.

Cosmetic professionals say that Acne is generated by the application of comedogenic creams (creams which block pores).

The symptoms of Acne 

Acne  shows itself essentially on the face(99%), on the back(70%) and at the level of the thorax(15%).

Acne of oily skin (hyperseborrhea : abnormal level of sebum discharge), symptoms:

-Acne lesions: they prevail in the middle of the face (forehead, nose,chin)or the T zone and can extend in the upper part of the back and the thorax.

- Closed Comedones: small skin coloured bumps which develops when plugs of skin cell and oil gets trapped within the hair follicle.

- Comédon

-Open Comedones (blackheads): blackheads as we all know is the consequence of the process of an oxidation, the follicle with the air causes its black tint.

Inflammatory lesions in Acne

- Papules :  red elevation of the skin
- Pustules : whiteheads which are apparent on inflamed papules
- Nodules : big red pimples which are slightly elevated on the skin and hurt 


Cysts are inflamed patches of skin, they are much larger than papules and the breakouts of cysts are painful. They are treated by opening the pore, stretching and extracting if necessary.

But treatment against Acne turns out to be effective on several types of lesions.

The after-effects of Acne

-Temporary marks of acne:

Red spots: papules and whiteheads leave behind red marks which stay for a few months most often.

Brown spots: patients with dark or coloured skin frequently develop coloured spots which persist a few months after the disappearance of papules.

-Definitely acne scars: White spots: we often find these spots in numbers on less noticeable surfaces, like over the back or to the level of the thorax.

-Depressed scars of acne: these scars are sometimes wide but are not too deep, either rounded off or small, the scars look like a tiny ice pick punctured the skin.

-Scars after acne relief (keloids): these kind of scars overgrows hard pimples, where an injury has occurred and are more visible on the skin surface that is raised and very unsightly,like on the jaws, upper part of the back or the thorax.

Other infections often mistaken for Acne

Certain affections might resemble Acne and they are sometimes mistaken for Acne. The principal ones are quoted as follows:

Rosacea: it hits adults and provokes red pimples and whiteheads, and are identical to those observed during acne, but the red pimples come along with red blotchy skin (broken veins affected by rosacea, reddish or purplish discolouration of the skin: erythrosis).Our remedies constitute essential treatments for the Rosacea.

Folliculitis: known as the hot tub rash, the Folliculitis forms red pimples as well and whiteheads, which are the consequences of an infection in the hair follicles. Some prevail around the mouth (perioral dermatitis), and they can sometimes result from the side effect of the application of a cortisone cream.

The contamination of germs during shaving sometimes provokes bacterial folliculitis. It is often referred as acne of beard but long term antibiotic intakes can also be held responsible for what is called the acne of beard.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae also called the barber’s itch or razor bumps is frequently subjected to coloured people. They are translated by red rashes around embodied hairs of the beard. And again the Pseudofollicultis are talked about as acne of beard.

The treatments of Acne

Local treatment of acne

 1. Treatment of retentional Acne lesions (microcysts)

Cleaning : Cleaning the skin is essential for acne treatment predominatly microcysts. Cleaning can be simple with good hygiene with Akno Natura Complex for example, or  seek a dermatologist follow up when cysts are very pronounced 

Retinoids : They fight against blackheads, this is the basis of the treatment for Acne because there always exist a blockage of the pilosebaceous follicles. They are essential in the care of cystic acnes.

It is tretinoin (Locacid®, Ketrel®, Retacnyl®, Effederm®), isotretinoin (Roaccutane gel®, antibiotrex®) and adapalene (Differin® gel and cream).

The treatment of Acne is often associated with retinoid benzoyl peroxide and/or a local or general antibiotic. Retinoids weaken the skin to sunlight. Many cons-indictations and warnings.  Read more

Azelaic acid (Skinoren®) : azelaic acid is effective on retenional lesions but also in inflammatory lesions. It is applied twice a day, is moderately irritating, but less used in France because it is not supported by medical insurance.

Acidic Fruits : Creams with fruit acids (15%) can sometimes be associated with retinoids. Their application always provokes minor tingling for a short duration. The peels with glycolic acid (20-70%), sometimes, effectively complete facials. Treatment with fruit acids is a complementary cosmetic solution.

Preparation of resorcinol Salicylic Acid : these preparations react in sunlight. They are sometimes irreplaceable in patients who cannot tolerate local retinoids and are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. 

2.  Treatment of inflammatory lesions (red spots) 

Benzoyl Peroxide : Benzoyl Peroxide exists in soaps, creams and gel products. The concentrations of the products range from 2.5% to 10%. It is a little irritating, however often it discolours clothes permanently (like bleach).... 

Local Antibiotics : We can use erythromycin (Eryfluid®, Stimycine®, Erythrogel®) in gel or lotion, or clindamycin (Dalacin T topic®). These products contain alcohol and/or propylene glycol which are irritants. Acne antibiotic treatment is sometimes associated with local retinoid and/or benzoyl peroxide.

Emitting diodes (LED)
Photodynamic therapy : the blue and red lights can be used in conjunction with a liquid photo-sensitiser (aminolevulinic acid delta) to treat inflammatory lesions of Acne. But it is not yet validated in France.

Zinc gluconate (Rubozinc®)
Its efficacy is modest and its usefulness is limited to mild acne, in addition to a local care.

Isotretinoin (roaccutane®, curacne®, procuta®, contracne®). Beware of side effects...Read more