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Internal Eczema treatment

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Internal Eczema treatment

Detox & Zen Capsules to combat Eczema

Use to naturally detoxify eczema squama on all fronts, our laboratories have formulated the Pso Natura Detox and Zen capsules; anti-eczema detoxifying capsules which work from the inside out.

Very often, scientific theories find that the presence of squama, in a sufferer of eczema is linked to:

• A weak digestive system (perhaps present in the stomach, liver or intestines)
• Too much negative stress

The Detox and Zen eczema/psoriasis capsules are100% plant-based, are formulated to:

1. Improve the function of the digestive system (blackcurrant, turmeric, artichoke) 

2. Benefit the nervous system (lavender, lime tree, escholtzia, lemon balm) 

Sold in units of 60. 100% plant-based capsules with an outer shell derived from  vegetables. MADE IN FRANCE

Direction For use

Organic Detox & Zen Capsules to fight eczema

To get relief from eczema,

Take 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water (ideally at breakfast time).

For best results against eczema, follow a course over at least 2 months and use alongside our external treatments Pso Natura Complex,Cream and Shampoo.

Precautions : Keep out of reach of young children. Not appropriate for pregnant women or during beast feeding. Is not a substitute for food. Use in a framework of a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


The plants which soothe and fight Eczema.


Blackcurrant flower

 Detoxing.The flavonoids contained in the blackcurrant flower facilitate the elimination of waste products in your organs.




Detoxing. The stimulating properties of turmeric were discovered centuries ago in Indian health treatments. With its beneficial composition, turmeric stimulates and cleanses the digestive functions by encouraging the secretion and excretion of bile.



 Detoxing. Artichoke helps the liver to get rid of bile. The cleaning, purging properties of artichoke are well known.



Detoxing and Relaxing. Lavender cleanses away nervousness and anxiety. It has been proved to work well with the liver and kidneys.



Lime Tree leaves

Relaxing. Rich in nuclear acids and growth hormones, lime tree contains vitamins, oligo-elements and minerals. Also has a diuretic and purging benefit.




Relaxing. This plant, from the Poppy family, contains alcoloids (protopine and pavine) known for their soothing effects on nervous dispositions.



Lemon Balm


Relaxing. Lemon balm is highly effective in fighting digestive problems and soothing anxiety and emotional states.

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